Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sorry I've been away...

Updated July 2014...

I'm sorry I've been away for a long, long while, sometimes life just takes over, you know those everyday things like home, work, family, life and before you know it the days turn into months.

I can be very ADD and easily start running down one path or another path until something else catches my interest and I change direction. Then, before I know it BAM! months have past or as in this case over a year. Last year I came to realize it was time to put the "Candelberry Cottage" name behind me from my old website. It was time to let go of Sisters of the Hearth and the Stockpot & Cauldron groups and names. Nothing which I regret though it angered a few people. I am truly sorry, sometimes you just can't get people to see it from your perspective.

I have moved onto a path of living my heartsease. Letting go of false friends, drama queens and attentions seekers. My circle of friends is once again small and intimate. I handle that better now that I have entered my Crone years. I am once again seeing my life differently as I have seen the passing of family members that got me more in touch with my inner feelings.

I know I will probably not post as often as I should but I will give it another try. I hope you will find something useful in what I hope to share.

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