Saturday, November 21, 2009

Easy Craft - The Love Stone

I use to make and sell these years ago at craft shows. They make a nice little gift for someone special. Not sure where I got this from originally. I use to make prayer rocks the same way but have long lost the poem, hopefully one day I'll find it again.

Use pretty scrap fabric (use pinking shears around the edge) and get creative with making the card on the computer.

Love Stone

To make and pass on to a loved one for when you are

The following is the poem which was printed out on pretty paper and

Love Stone

The stone in this pouch
Bears a wonderful charm
To heal all your troubles
And to keep you safe from harm.
It is a special stone
That you can never see
The reason its so special,
Is its just for you, from me.
Whenever you are lonely
Or even feeling blue
You only have to hold it
And know I think of you.
You never should unwrap it
Please leave the bundle tied
Just hold the stone to your heart
And feel the LOVE inside.

Then you punch a hole in the top corner of the laminated paper and
put either a pretty ribbon or raffia, etc. through the hole and the
other end of the ribbon is tied around a pretty little piece of
fabric which you have wrapped around the stone of your choosing.

(Just lay the little square of fabric down and place the stone in the
middle and draw up the edges around it and twist, then tie the ribbon
around to hold secure)

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