Sunday, September 6, 2009

Thirty Four years and still going strong...

Today is our 34th wedding anniversary. Every year a happy one, full of love and fun. I couldn't be happier in my life.
The weather was perfect and the day was perfect. I made peach pancakes for breakfast. Brian surprised me with a funny card and a game for my DS - The new Prof. Layton and the Diabolical Box. Didn't think we were planning any gifts this year as we had just bought the new trailer home. I'll post more about the trailer next week. I didn't get him a gift but Brian did get a new hard drive for his computer earlier this week so he has lots of storage space for his games. I just want his computer to run perfect so he can be a happy camper and enjoy his games and stuff.

We went out mid afternoon figured we were going to have a late lunch at the Olive Garden but they only had a dinner menu so we ended up with dinner instead. The food was yummy as usual. I love the Zuppa Tuscana!

We then headed over to Walmart needed some things for the new trailer. The store is torn apart and they are rearranging the entire store. We were not so happy about the layout there, looks like they are trying to immitate Target. We had to walk the entire store to find the few items we needed. Didn't mind the walk after a large meal but just wanted to find what we needed. From there we took a peek in Game Stop and then Best Bargain Books, then on to home.

Think we will have a nice quiet evening at home. We have a nice get away planned to Pennsylvania next week when the trailer gets delivered and set on the property. Even the dogs are staying home next week. :)


  1. A belated, but no less heart felt good wishes for your Anniversary!

    Thirty four years is no small accomplishment, and I wish you much joy, laughter, love and good health for the next 34!

  2. Thank you so much! and welcome to my little blog.