Saturday, September 19, 2009

Our Cottage in the Woods

Life has been somewhat busy lately. Learning new things at my job since I moved over to the art department and the moving in of our new trailer on the property in Pa. It's hard to believe a week has past already since our vacation home was installed.

Moving day was rather interesting. After spending the previous night in the old trailer which was getting worse by the minute, (even the microwave gave a final pop and died when we tried to heat up dinner) we had hoped the new unit would have been delivered as promised by 9am, but they showed up four hours late - UGH!!!! We still hadn't showered (hot water tank busted in the old rig) and couldn't wait to move in. Well, the installation took all day. They told us to leave and get something to eat because they wouldn't be done until 5:00. So off to Perkins restaurant for some yummy burgers and K-Mart for essentials we needed for the new place. We got back around 4:30 and they were almost finished. They still hadn't hooked up the air conditioning yet and needed to come back this week to do that. They found a problem in our ground plumbing line and said we shouldn't use the water. What? No way! There is a small problem that will need to be addressed but we had been using the bathroom all morning in the old rig while waiting for them to arrive and I was not going to bed without a hot shower. So they left and Brian hooked up the plumbing himself, it works fine and yes we finally had a hot shower.

The new place is beautiful. The outside landscaping needs lots of TLC so we will try and take care of a bit of it before the cold weather sets in up there, then continue in the Spring.

As for cooking in the new place last weekend we had some basic meals but there is nothing as good as eggs and sausage on a cool late summer morning looking out at wild turkeys and ground critters skampering about.

Spending this weekend back home in NY but headed back up next weekend with Matt and his girlfriend. Highlight photos are posted on my facebook page.

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