Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Magic of Autumn

Someone sent this to me a few years ago. I just love reading this and had to add it here as Autumn/Mabon is only a few days away. Not sure who the author is but thank you for your beautiful words.

The Magic of Autumn

Come with me to laugh and play while leaves of all colors dance and the wind sings of Autumn and magic."

Do you feel it, that crisp feeling in the air as the autumn winds reach out and lightly touch our senses? There's magic in the air as Mother Nature paints beautiful scenes of colors all around us.I would like to share just a few things about Autumn that I love so well.

Nights are cooler, so I pull out the blankets, hanging them out on the clothesline to freshen them in the cool breeze before placing them on each bed.
Pumpkins appear at farmers markets while baskets of apples are sold to merchants wanting to make apple butter and pies. Oh and don't forget caramel and candied apples and other treats too! Children of all ages get excited about Samhain.Halloween and All Saint's Day. so we can all pretend to be something magical and let our hearts guide us. having fun on a hay wagon, singing old tunes, laughing and telling ghostly stories. Smiling and snuggling closer to keep warm as my nose gets cold from the autumn night. Enjoying homemade popcorn balls, cookies and apple cider, mmmmmmm.
Vegetable soup and chili simmer on the stove top and the wood stove lit for the first time. I love the smell of seasoned wood burning and watching the flames dance and sparkle. it always takes me far away to another time and place where magic is afoot.
The last of the hummingbirds come and go to the feeder seemingly saying goodbye for another season. They will return in the spring when it's warmer, to bless us with their beauty and energy. The afternoon sun shines in my south window onto my crystals causing them to shine all around the room making little rainbows and dancing colors. The wind chimes sing in harmony.
I wash my favorite sweater, the one that makes me feel so comfortable, cozy and warm on the cool afternoons and chilly nights, even if it is old and worn. I sit up against a huge old oak tree and watch the leaves swirl and dance down to the ground as acorns drop on rooftops.
I can sense winters on its way, but just for now, I sit and stop everything to enjoy this moment. Soon there will be frost on the windows and you'll be able to see your breath as you walk through the trees and autumn pathways.
The mountains scream out with so many colors I feel my eyes will burst staring at them with their beauty. My breath is taken away once more. Sipping hot chocolate is sooo good in the morning, with cream on top, of course. while I watch the birds play and the deer slowly leave the garden area as they look for leftover morsels.
The crows gather there too looking like they're having a big morning meeting, discussing the days' events. Scarecrows oversee the pumpkin patch with vines going in all directions leading us to magical places. I love the feel of autumn magic and I'm happy to be reminded of the miracles of life as I watch the Seasons come and go.
I close my eyes and feel the cool air on my face and smell that special scent of Autumn and thank Spirit for sharing the magic of autumn with me once more. Whether it's Autumn or Spring in your area of the world, take time today to enjoy nature and the beauty that surrounds us. be thankful and never take anything for granted and remember we're all magical and the magic lives within us all year round.

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  1. What a gorgeous picture...makes me miss a real autumn. Here in Texas we don't really get fall until December and then everything just turns brown. Almost no colors at all. :(
    Thanks for following my blog, I came to see yours and I decided to follow yours as well. Love the recipes!