Saturday, August 29, 2009

Thoughts on a rainy day...

Starting a new blog - I have had one before and deleted it. I had a personal web site for over ten plus years and AOL deleted that - sigh :(
I've met many interesting people along this wonderful online journey of mine over the last fifteen or so years. My web site Candleberry Cottage was all about those travels, and learnings, both magickal and mundane. I loved sharing my cooking creations season by season, my crafts and homemade gifts and goodies. Photos of my life, my small herb garden and all my magikal treasures I discovered.
As life changes and as I grow older some things no longer interest me and other things have come to replace them. So here I am at age 55 thinking it is time to start a new chapter. The season will be changing very soon here in NY. Seems as the summer winds down I feel my creativity increases and reawakens and it also becomes a time of self awarenss for me.
So this blog will be my new Candlberry Cottage, where I will continue to share bits of me, who I am and what I love to do. It won't be the same as the old website but like I said, times change, people change and sometimes you can't recreate the same magick some things once had. I will add some of the old and a sprinkle of new whenever I can.

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